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  • CallieHi Scott,Sorry, I did not check back to moderate cmnmeots until now. I’m glad you brought up Ocean Protein. Although it was not mentioned, the Ocean Companies ploughed $5 million dollars into odor mitigation at Ocean Protein when it was a serious and ongoing issue starting five years ago.At the time in 2005, the company was sure it was working with the latest in odor control tech, but as locals are aware, it was not sufficient. So the company put their own money into finding new and better ways to keep odor to a minimum. And their odor complaints have gone way, way down. Heidi Happonen, who wrote this article for the Chamber newsletter, could fill you in better.I’m glad you recognized that there was something to talk about in what they have done with that smell. And yes, actually, it is positive!As for their Gold member status in the Leaders Circle, this was a timely article about a company that has stepped up to support the Chamber and their Chamber board member, Mr. Carroll. Nobody bought anything, and if you have any particular Chamber board members in mind who should be featured (this is what we’re trying to do in the newsletter) then you are free to submit names you think would be particularly good stories, or that you’re interested in hearing about.Thanks for your feedback!

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