Bicycle Injury Cases

Examples of Bike Injury/Cyclist Cases in the Puget Sound and Washington State Region

  • Remme v. State of Washington and City of Seattle – $4,ooo,000 settlement for a defective sidewalk on the Montlake Bridge that resulted in Lan Remme sustaining spinal cord injuries. Despite a photo-documented report of the Priority One “tripping hazard” a year before Lan’s bike accident, no action was taken.
  • Gendler v. Batiste, WA State Patrol, et al. – $8,000,000 settlement for the catastrophic injuries sustained by a cyclist on the Montlake Bridge. WSDOT had known for years that the surface of the bridge was unsafe and posed a threat of injury to cyclists.
  • LaMacchia v. Williamson – $450,000 settlement for an injured cyclist. A M.D./Ph.D. student, sustained serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury as a result of a driver making an illegal left turn into the cyclist.
  • Wade v. Pierce County – $1,250,000 settlement in 2006 for death of a 12-year-old boy, when struck by a police vehicle while on his bicycle.
  • Witt v. Hutton – a $600,000 settlement (policy limits) in 2001 for a woman bicyclist with a head injury from being hit by a vehicle.
  • Lewis v. Hartford – $385,000 settlement in 1986 for head injury in car/bicycle collision.
  • Foster v. Bylund, verdict for $60,000 in Grays Harbor County Superior Court, 1971. Was largest personal injury jury award in Grays Harbor County history at that time. Leg injury to 12-year-old bicyclist.
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