Bicyclists Beware!

If you like to ride your bike in Seattle, you had better take heed.

3 of the 4 bike related accidents in Seattle were fatal for the cyclist

Earlier this morning, another Seattle bicyclist was injured by a hit and run driver.  Luckily, that cyclist should survive his injuries.

But, as an article in today’s Seattle Times points out, three of the four recent bicycle-related incidents have been fatal. This past Thursday, a cyclist was fatally injured in Renton. A little over a week ago, PATH photographer, 44 year old Mike Wang was killed while riding his bike in the South Lake Union area.

In late July, a 49-year old man was killed in Kirkland.

As a driver, please remember to observe everyone around you, including cyclists and pedestrians. Too often, we see new bike injury clients seriously injured because a driver was texting or was simply inattentive.




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